IT Consultant

John Day is the head IT Consultant for Syncura. He has provided network maintenance and security for high level clearance enterprise systems as well as technical consulting for medium and small business. With almost a decade of experience in Information Systems, and a degree in Network Security, he casts a wide net of understanding over computer systems management and support.

21st Century Blackmail


With all the news about Cyberweapons and Cryptoware, all the attacks with Petya and Wannacry. It’s important to be educated and prepared for these types of attacks. Here are some quick tips.   1) What is Ransomware? Ransomware has one goal: make money. It’s the biggest technology crime in today’s world, and continues to grow […]

Software Updates: Why you should care.


  Every piece of software has security holes. It’s a product of people wanting to break or “hack” into software. Be it financial gain, malicious intent, or even by accident; new security vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered. You can think of vulnerabilities as a “hole” in your software. Once found, these holes can be used […]

SharePoint Online (Office 365)

SharePoint Logo

What is SharePoint Online? SharePoint is a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to create “Intranet” websites for your users to access documents, calendars, announcements, and much more. An Intranet website provides a central location for your business users and potentially even customers that is not publicly accessible, meaning you must sign in to be able […]

Office 365 Quick Overview

Office 365 Logo

Office 365 can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s break it down and simplify the core features and functionality. Let’s break down the three tiers of service offered before we dive deeper into the individual applications and services… Office 365 Business: At $8.25 user / month, this tier offers users the office Desktop apps we have all […]