Office 365 Quick Overview

Office 365 can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s break it down and simplify the core features and functionality.

Office 365 Logo

Let’s break down the three tiers of service offered before we dive deeper into the individual applications and services…

Office 365 Business:

At $8.25 user / month, this tier offers users the office Desktop apps we have all come to be familiar with. (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access)

Web and mobile access is available for Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Pictured below, these Web Apps differ from traditional desktop apps in their ability to be accessed from most mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows tablets) as well as Internet browsers. Combined with 1 TB of included personal cloud storage on OneDrive, it’s easy to access your critical documents from anywhere.

Microsoft Word on an Iphone

Microsoft Word on a smartphone

Excel on Android

Excel on an Android tablet


Real Time Co-Authoring in Word 2016

Real Time Co-Authoring in Word 2016


This tier does not include email hosting via Exchange! Meaning, if you are currently hosting email from a web based provider (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, or your web hosting provider), this option gives you with the Outlook app, which can be configured via POP or IMAP protocol to access your current email solution.

While the office applications are almost a necessity, this plan does not provide some of the collaboration services that can really extend your business capabilities.

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Office 365 Business Premium:

This is the most inclusive plan and incorporates all of the applications as the basic tier; and, most of all, the additional applications that can empower real change in how your team communicates and collaborates.

Cloud Based Exchange:

  • 50 GB mailbox
  • Custom email domain addresses ( opposed to (
  • Outlook integration allows easy setup for your desktop and mobile devices
  • All the features of onsite Exchange without the need to worry about security, reliability, or system resources
  • All Office 365 business plans include a 99.9% up-time guarantee

SharePoint Logo


  • Create SharePoint websites that can share files, data, news, and other resources
  • Brand your site with your company’s logo
  • Customize forms and tables to streamline current business processes
SharePoint Mobile Screenshot

SharePoint Mobile Screenshot

OneDrive Logo

OneDrive for Business:

  • 1 TB of cloud-based storage
  • Store and access your important files across all devices
  • Share files and folders with coworkers, family members and/or friends
OneDrive Screenshot

OneDrive Screenshot

Skype Logo

Skype for Business:

  • Instant messaging for quick responses and availability status
  • Skype call coworkers with audio/video and screen/file sharing, individually or in groups
  • Available on mobile devices for staying connected from anywhere

Teams Logo


  • Group based instant messaging
  • SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business built-in access integration
  • Channels for topic-specific communication between teams and team members (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Finance, Accounting, etc.)
  • Available “connectors” allow outside applications to be seamlessly integrated into Teams application
Teams Screenshot

Teams Screenshot

Office 365 Business Essentials:

$5.00 user/month. All the services in the Premium Tier, without the office desktop applications. Web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

In a later post we will discuss how each of these services can help increase productivity and enhance business capabilities.