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Microsoft Azure: Creating a Dev / Test Virtual Machine


  Microsoft’s Azure isn’t just a cloud; it’s a platform that provides a wide array of tools, templates, and services which allow both IT professionals and web developers to improve productivity while still being cost effective. Things like creating the back-end of web applications, SQL database deployments, standing up testing / development environments, building mobile […]

Simplifying High DPI Image Sprites with Sass

Social Media Image Sprite High Quality

About Image Sprites Image sprites are images that consist of images inside them.  Web designers often use image sprites because they decrease the load time of web pages, speed up the design process, and reduce clutter.  Using CSS, you can define which part of the image sprite to display, also known as a sprite tween.  […]

How to Make an Animated Hamburger Menu Icon

Animate From Hamburger Icon to X Icon

Introduction I’m sure you’ve seen the 3 horizontal bar image on mobile websites used to access the menu – another term for this image, is the hamburger menu icon.  These icons are used to save space and they’re universally understood to open a menu of some sort.  Today, I’ll show you how to animate one […]