Website Designing

Drafting and designing your website

Prebuilt Websites

Prebuilt websites are a low cost solution with a fast turnaround.  The downfall of these sites is that they will look very similar to other websites, but some website owners might not mind the similarities in exchange for speed and price.  We offer a large selection of templates you can choose from that can usually be completed in a 2 to 3 weeks.

Custom Websites

If your prefer to have a fully, or partially, custom website designed, Syncura can handle that too.  The benefit to custom is not only a unique design, but also enhanced capability for extra features and functionality.  A few of the extended features that are supported by custom websites are animations, calculators, software integration, management systems, and tools.  Another benefit to custom web design is the ability to customize every detail of the website without limitations.

Choosing A Design

During the design process, we will periodically send updates for your review.  We will send detailed emails of our progress, along with any changes made, and an explanation for each following step.  Once you are completely satisfied with the design of each area of your site, we will mark it as completed and continue on to the next. 

After all web design is completed, we will publish your site for the web.