Website Planning

Preparing to build your website

Content and Resources

Before we start designing your website, we will need the content to build it.  Some of the resources we might request include pictures, logos, and text.  During website planning, we will also begin structuring your website pages and layout.  We can also use stock photos and a take our own pictures if desired, but we like to have as much original work as possible before starting the design.

Learning About You

Understanding who you are and what you do is critical to designing your website. During website planning we will maintain steady contact through phone, email, and/or on-site meetings to collaborate on ideas that pursue the goal you have in mind.  Once we thoroughly understand your company, we can design a website that fully encompasses your brand.

Your Brand

Branding your company is by far the most important part of web design.  Your brand will be the starting point and the main emphasis behind your website.  It's important to appear the same way on your business cards and marketing materials as well, and your brand should be the same everywhere you are mentioned. The goal with branding is to stand out when you are supposed to, clearly identified, and easily remembered.

If you don't have a brand established, we can help point you in the right direction.  We recommend establishing a brand and positioning your company before starting any web design.